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Hydroides Staging

The goal of the project is to characterize, and standardize, morphological checkpoints in development from fertilization through sexual maturation of the tube worm model. 
(Research area: Comparative Development)



The goal of this project is to expand the sequence depth and assembly coverage of the Hydroides genome, improving a valuable community resource for molecular exploration.

(Research area: Comparative Development)


Bacteria-stimulated metamorphosis

The goal of this collaborative project is to discover specific genes and products that bacteria produce which stimulate tube worm metamorphosis.

(Research area: Host-Microbe Interactions)


Hydroides molecular cascades

The goal of this project is to uncover how tubeworms detect and translate chemical information from the environment into the events of metamorphosis. This project also aims to address overlap between programs for developmental with those for other biological functions (such as innate immunity). 

(Research area: Environmental Exposures)

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